Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cleaner Claims Under-the-Table Payments (Cartoon of the Day)

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  1. He now claims the "humiliation [and] embarrassment" along with "damage to his sense of self-worth" has caused him to seek therapy.

    The quarter-of-a-million dollars isn't for the dismissal alone: Lundsgaard says he was required to, among other things, play video games with the Harper children and bury the occasional family pet.(Cabot the cat was slamed by a car outside of Stornoway in 2003.)

    Cooking for the PM -- or any other high-ranking official -- is a political appointment, Beckta says, and thus subject to the partisan shifts that occur when a new government comes in. Chefs should respond in the same way as, say, former ambassador to the U.S. Frank McKenna, who resigned in the wake of Paul Martin's defeat.

    Lundsgaard's lawyer, Richard Bosada, said the Prime Minister's Office ignored his client's attempts to settle his dismissal, forcing a lawsuit. His client would still gladly settle the matter out of court, he says -- assuming, of course, the compensation was adequate.