Monday, February 14, 2011

ValANTines Day on the Hill (Cartoon of the Day)

Inspired by rumors like this Facebook page:


  1. What’s the problem with Harper you ask?

    Steve Harper and Jim Flaherty's Economic Myths

    good repost: I am a conservative. This is why I deeply resent (Steve Harper’s) neo-conservatives who are not conservatives at all. They are the opposite: radicals who are destroying cherished institutions and wreaking havoc on our human heritage as well as our natural heritage.!/note.php?note_id=182173158479282

    Steve Harper’s Broken Promises

    Top five reasons why Prime Minister Steve Harper can't be trusted!/topic.php?uid=292671928599&topic=16050

    Go to point 59:58 in video.


    CTV: Canada’s Top Ten Stories of 2010

    Part 1 – skip this one if pressed for time More

    Part 2 - G20, UN Security Council seat loss

    Part 3 - Human smuggling, long-form census, and the long-gun registry

    Part 4 - Afghanistan

    Part 5 - Prorogation

    * note all videos will automatically skip to next one after short ad

  2. Glad to see you kept it brief ;) LOL