Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ottawa to fly Canadians out of Libya (Cartoon of the Day)

Inspired by these stories: 

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  1. Everything you always wanted to know about why people vote NeoCons but were afraid to ask:

    Authoritarian followers, who have always been there but were usually uninterested and unorganized, are now mightily active and highly organized in American politics. They claim to be the “real Americans,” but the America they yearn to create seems quite antithetical to the nation envisioned by the founding fathers. Far from seeing the wisdom of separating church and state, for example, they want a particular religious point of view to control government, and be spread and enforced by the government.

    Furthermore, if research on abolishing the Bill of Rights and tolerance for government injustices is to be believed, authoritarian followers frankly don’t give a damn about democratic freedoms.