Monday, January 3, 2011

It's an Anthill, Not a Penis! 2010 Year in Review

Click here to D/L http://anthill2010.pdf
I started the Anthill in April of 2010.  I've combined all of them into a pdf file with links to news stories from each day.  It took me forever...kept reading the stories and saying "oh ya, I remember that one now."

The file is optimized but still is 16 megs or so.  I haven't tested it yet so please report any bugs. If I ever find time I will try to condense it further.

Watch how the anthill grew from a crappy line drawing to the crappy color version it is now ;)

Hope you enjoy, and only 1 caveat, please share with a few friends.  Make me famous one day eh?  LOL


  1. Jim You are just being anti-semantic. It is obviously a "flipping of the bird", but in that symbol the middle finger clearly represents a Penis! Of course it's a Penis, all phallic symbols are really!

    p.s. So is the peace tower.

  2. Thanks Kim! I appreciate the support. I think I figured out the comment thingy too.